Hello and welcome to Discover Our America!

After much preparation and research, we are so excited to officially launch and share with you what we have learned about this incredible country of ours. We’ve spent countless hours listening to businesses across the country share their success stories and explain why their products show the uniqueness of the state they reside in.

We think you’ll really enjoy it.

We also think your entire family will enjoy it, too. Our hope is that we can create a new family tradition each month gathered around the Discover Our America state-themed box learning about faraway lands and state’s you never thought in your wildest dreams you’d think about visiting.

Discover Our America can help with all of that.

Every product you receive has been carefully curated to represent the state in a significant cultural and geographical way. Although we can’t bring the entire state to your doorstep, what says culture better than food?

The food and goodies inside every box obviously plays a role in what we have to deliver – no pun intended! However, we want to cherish the fleeting moments with your growing families as they learn about how unique each state in our great country truly is. The hustle and bustle of daily life is a good reminder that sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of us.

We also hope you will share those moments with us as well.

You can do so by emailing us at PublicRelations@DiscoverOurAmerica.com. You can also reach out to us via social media. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as giving us a “like” on Facebook. We love interacting with people who care about our country as much as we do!

Written by The Discover Our America Team